Simplify Your Carpeting with Self-Adhesive Carpet Squares Simplify Your Carpeting with Self-Adhesive Carpet Squares

Self-adhesive carpet squares present you with a legitimate option besides traditional roll carpeting. Carpet squares have several unique benefits that allow you to simplify the entire process. Here are a few things to consider about self-adhesive carpet squares.

How They Work

With self-adhesive carpet squares, the installation process is very simple. The squares will have a paper covering the adhesive on the back. You will pull off the paper from the backing and then simply press the squares down onto the floor. When you get to a wall, you can simply cut the squares with a utility knife.

Benefits of Self-Adhesive Carpet Squares

  • Less waste- With carpet squares, you are typically dealing with a piece of carpet that is around 2'x2'. When you buy a roll of carpet, you are typically buying a roll that is 12' wide. This means that with roll goods, you could potentially have quite a bit more waste. With carpet squares, you can add a little for waste and then just buy what you need. 
  • Easy installation- The installation for carpet squares is quite a bit easier. You do not need to stretch the carpet or seam it together. 
  • Replacement- If one of the squares is stained or damaged, you can just pull it up and put another one in its place. 

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