Single Handle Shower Faucet Repair Mistakes to Avoid Single Handle Shower Faucet Repair Mistakes to Avoid

Many people who own a single handle shower faucet fitting in their bathroom will have had to repair or replace it at one point or another. There are a number of things that can go wrong with a shower faucet fitting, and the single handle shower faucet is one which has a number of problems that you may not expect. In order to get the best from your shower faucet, you should try to avoid simple mistakes when making your fittings, such as not getting the right size of pipe, or not tightening the connections well enough. However, there are also a number of simple mistakes people make that are very common amongst first-time repairers of a shower faucet.

Not Shutting Off the Water

One of the biggest problems you can find with single handle shower faucet repair is not turning off the water before you start fixing the faucet. This water supply should be turned off at the mains, rather than just the bathroom faucet supply, in order to ensure that there is no way in which water can run into the pipes. As well as turning off the water supply, you should also make sure that you run the pipes until there is no more water left in them, so there is no water in the pipes at all. Even after you do all this, make sure that you leave some bath towels or something similar around the plug, to catch dropped screws, and prevent water from going everywhere.

Poorly Fitting Parts

Before you remove your faucet and try and replace all the bits, you should try and make sure that you get a suitable replacement part for your faucet. Older single handle shower faucets may not have exactly the right parts available, so you will need to mke careful measurements. A poorly fitting part, such as a washer, can mean that you get a leaky shower or connection. Measure carefully, and also take a list of parts you need with the name of your shower faucet to the home improvement or hardware store, as they may be able to offer you advice and help.

Fitting the Faucet

If you have problems with removing the faucet, then you may have even more problems when it comes to replacing it. Reassembling your faucet needs to be done slowly, so that you can get the parts placed in the correct order. You should take care when removing your faucet parts to place them in a line, and then work backwards, taking each part in order. If you don't put the parts back correctly, then you will not be able to turn the water on or off correctly.

Forgetting the Water Supply

Another common mistake is to forget to turn on your water supply after you have finished replacing the faucet. The water supply needs to be turned on before you finish, so that you can check your shower faucet for leaks and similar damage. Before you start closing your toolbag, you should ensure that the water supply is running correctly.

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