Single vs Double Kitchen Sinks

Double kitchen sinks are catching on for many families. It is a great alternative to the single sink, especially in households that use the kitchen heavily. Perhaps you're unsure which type to install. A comparison of the two is helpful in making your choice. Below are the pros and cons of each type.

Pros of Single Kitchen Sinks

These generally tend to be a larger size than double sinks. The large size enables you to soak items better. Once you fill the sink with water and add detergent, you have ample space to accommodate several items. All the items get well soaked. It is also easier to clean up the items, because the larger sink allows easier movement as you wash. Cleaning bigger pots and pans is much easier with a large kitchen sink. You are able to do a more thorough cleaning job with a single kitchen sink. The single sink costs less than the double bowls to install. This makes it an affordable option for many people.

Cons of Single Kitchen Sinks

The single sink uses a lot of water, even when you only have a few items to wash. This amounts to wastage. Unlike the double sink that allows you to multitask, your options are limited with the single sink. You are restricted to undertaking just one activity at a time. You have to let out all the water through the drain to allow space for rinsing after soaking. Yet you may still have other items pending for washing, which you could have conveniently left soaking in one sink. You end up soaking dishes several times as the sink must be available for other jobs. In a way, this detracts from your efficiency in the kitchen. It also consumes more water and detergent. Unfortunately, you can only have your single sink in one size. The double bowl variety gives you more flexibility.

Pros of Double Kitchen Sinks

These are more practical than single sinks. You can do two activities at the same time. One sink can be used for dish washing and the other for rinsing or washing vegetables. This promotes better time management and adds to your efficiency in the kitchen. You'll be able to get things done quicker. If you opt for the double bowl range, you can have the sinks in two different sizes. One can be larger-sized than the other. This promotes kitchen functionality.

Cons of Double Kitchen Sinks

Double sinks are generally smaller-sized because two have to be fitted in place. Less water is accommodated by the double sink. This can be a hindrance when you have several items to soak, as you can only soak them in portions. A single sink, however, is larger-sized and accommodates several items well. A major frustration of the double bowls is that a problem with draining in one sink can affect the other. This creates more maintenance work for you. The double sinks also require extra fittings to install than the single sink. It turns out to be more costly than the single sink.