Sink Drain Cleaning Techniques Sink Drain Cleaning Techniques

What You'll Need
Boiling Water
Soap Solution
Chemical Drain Opener
Plumbers Snake

With a lot of hair, toothpaste, soap, oil, cream, grease and foodstuff going down the bathroom and kitchen sink drain daily, it is essential to learn a few sink drain cleaning techniques. The sink drains are clogged due to a clog or ball of scum building inside the drain or pipe over a period. It doesn’t require very sophisticated tools to keep the sink drain flow uninterrupted. The best method to keep the sink drain from clogging is to remove the filter at the mouth of the sink and clean the dirt weekly.

Step 1 – Empty Water

The initial step to clean the sink drain is to remove any standing water in the sink. Use a small cup to drain out the water.

Step 2 – Use Hot Water

Many times, it so happens that a small clog is formed in the drainpipe, which is obstructing the flow of water and is not completely stopping the drainage. It is a greasy sort of scum which is easily broken by the hot water and some soap solution. Pour about half teaspoon of soap solution in the sink and next pour about 7-8 cups of hot boiling water into the sink. Let the mixture do its job by cutting and dissolving the greasy clog. One can also use the chemical drain cleaners available in the market, but be sure to choose an environment friendly one, which will be less harsh on your hands. The water level will slowly go down if it works. If not, continue reading.

Step 3 – Plunge the Drain

If the water in the sink does not disappear, then it is time to use the plunger. Put the plunger just above the sink trap and start the pumping action. The rubber head on the plunger creates a vacuum, which forces the water over the clog in the drainage system. The force of water removes the blockage. If this does not work, then the next option is to open the filter trap of the sink.

Step 4 – Unscrew the Drain Trap

Use pliers to loosen up the screws of the sink trap. Place the bucket beneath the sink, as water will ooze out once the trap is loose enough. Open the trap and check for clog. If the scum ball is at the starting of the pipe then remove it using pliers. However, if the clog is too deep then the final tool to use is plumber’s snake.

Step 5 – Use Plumber’s Snake

The plumber’s snake can go deep inside a pipe with any kind of bent and turn to push the clog out. The one with a brush at the head is more effective in cleaning the drainage system. Keep inserting the snake into the pipe until you feel the resistance from a clog. Push it hard on the clog to remove it.

This is a comprehensive list of sink drain cleaning techniques, however, if these don’t work then it time to call a plumber for some professional help.    

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