Sisal and Natural Fiber Rugs Sisal and Natural Fiber Rugs

Sisal and Twine are basically rushes and grasses. They are not appropriate for wet locations, but do help clear the feet of dirt and grime. They should not be put in damp basements since moisture can cause deterioration. Coarsely woven natural rugs serve as durable floor rugs, but lacily woven types made of delicate fibers should be used as wall hangings.

These fibers do not attract much dirt because they are anti-static. Dirt trapped in the fibers can be removed with the floor brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. A fiber rug can be cleaned with mild dishwashing detergent and water. To do this, take the rug outdoors. Dip a brush in a detergent solution to clean the entire surface, and rinse with a hose. Hang the rug up to dry in the sun. Be sure it dries quickly and completely. Damp, natural fiber rugs will mildew and eventually disintegrate.

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