Sit In vs. Sit On Top Kayak Fishing Sit In vs. Sit On Top Kayak Fishing

Sit on top kayak fishing is a popular sport these days. It highlights the newer designs in kayaks, where the boat is open, as opposed to the more traditional sit in kayak. Does sit in top kayak fishing really have an advantage over its sit in companion? There are advantages and negatives about both styles.


The keel design of the sit on top kayak tends to make it more stable than the sit in kayak. Some of the newer sit on kayaks even have catamaran hulls, giving even greater stability in the waves for sit on top kayak fishing.

Sit in kayaks, on the other hand, utilize a different type of design that’s sharper underneath. It’s designed to push through the waves. Although a sit in kayak can do that, it will sit on the waves much better and is less prone to capsizing. This, of course, is vital if you’re going to be fishing.


Although a sit in kayak can fit easily on a vehicle and is generally light, a sit on kayak can often stack one on top of another for even greater portability. That can be useful if a group is going out together.

It’s very easy to attach grommets to a sit on top kayak fishing so you can carry more gear. This is important when fishing, as you’ll need to take a number of things with you. These need to be secured to the kayak and carried, and this is much easier with the design of the sit on kayak, which is more open. There’s not the same type of access or room with a sit in kayak to carry items. Some can be carried inside the kayak, but getting to them is obviously difficult.

Ease for Fishing

One of the reasons that sit on top kayak fishing has become popular is that it’s easy. The kayak is a good platform. There’s a foredeck that makes a great place to sit and fish, and a hatch can be put on it. This allows you to move on the kayak quite easily, which you need to be able to do if you’re sea fishing. A sit in kayak is quite restrictive. The paddler is confined to a small area with little chance to turn or twist. That’s fine for moving through the water, but for any other activity it offers distinct disadvantages.


Kayaks aren’t cheap, but the sit on top kayak does tend to be less expensive than the sit in kind. The greatest reason for this is that it can be easily molded, which means lower construction costs than the sit in kayak.

That’s going to increase its appeal, and make sit on top kayak fishing a more popular sport since it’s relatively affordable. Unlike traditional kayaking, it takes very little experience, and it’s simply to learn how to properly operate a sit on top kayak, even in the surf, as they’re usually used for sea fishing.

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