Six 2019 Home Design Trends

A living room decorated with bold floral wallpaper in a 2019 home design trend.

If you want a home design that makes an instant impression and looks totally magazine-ready, adopt some of these hot trends into your 2019 home decor. Add a few of the trendiest elements to your home, and you’ll get a look that instantly pops.

1. Florals Are Back

Long considered to be outmoded in home design, florals are making a huge comeback in 2019. Modern floral patterns are monochromatic or designed in neutral color schemes, with large graphic elements in uncluttered designs. Use modern florals on your walls and in your fabrics, and you'll be totally on trend.

2. Color Is Hot

A studio apartment decorated in bright yellow accents as part of a 2019 home design trend.

Forget about the monocolor designs and black and white accents. Color is in for 2019, and it's going to be everywhere. Mix and match complementing and contrasting shades, and play around with colors to add lots of different hues to your spaces. Color is in all aspects of home design in 2019, so embrace it. As for which color is the trendiest this year, look for shades of green. Though every color is sure to be popular, green is definitely leading the pack as 2019's most stylish design color.

3. Mix Your Metals

Gone are the days when every single fixture and cabinet pull in your home has to be the exact same metal finish. In 2019, mixing metals is right on trend. So grab your gold, your bronze, your nickel, and your pewter and just have fun. Mixed metals is a hot look, so you can play around with all sorts of fun home designs.

4. Think '30s

A pair of 1930s art deco green chairs and lamp in keeping with 2019 home design trends.

Art Deco and the design trends of the 1930s are coming back in 2019. Colored glass accents, simple but bold designs, and the playful flair of the Art Deco era are all becoming popular again. So if you've seen it in an old Bette Davis movie, it's probably a great trendy home addition.

5. Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Uniform cabinet designs are on their way out. It's on trend this year to get a couple different colors going on your kitchen cabinetry. Try painting the upper cabinets and lower cabinets in two different colors—or paint just the fronts in a single color and the rest in another. Play around with the idea, and you'll find ways to integrate this design trend into your kitchen.

Get trendy in 2019, and add some stylish new elements to your home decor for a fresh look. Search vintage shops and garage sales for 1930s-inspired decor items and ideas. Use your DIY painting skills to update your cabinets. Look for ways to integrate these trends into your decor, and you’ll end up with stylish spaces that everyone will notice.

6. Go Big with Bedding

Minimalistic bedding designs have been hot in the past, but they're long gone in 2019. Bigger and more elaborate is better in bedding these days. Choose rich-looking fabrics, add texture, and pile on those pillows and blankets to get your bedroom in style. Don't be afraid to mix and match different fabric textures, colors, and prints to make your bedding look rich and multi-layered.