Six Advantages of Using a Spinning Composter Six Advantages of Using a Spinning Composter

A spinning composter is a rolling barrel, normally made from plastic, which is particularly designed to turn kitchen debris and other organic waste into rich compost for your garden soil. It is a very practical way to create compost and in fact, the spinning composter is becoming a very useful garden tool. Hence, here are some advantages which a spinning composter can offer.

1. A True Asset

Once bought, you don’t need to spend anymore money to function a spinning composter. Moreover, it does not need any electrical current or a battery since it works using the heat of the sun and the air to create the compost. Generally, spinning composters are made of a dark color to attract more heat and they also have a lot of ventilation holes which allow a proper amount of oxygen to get to the compost inside.

2. Compact Size and Shape

An average size spinning composter has a capacity of about seven cubic feet and hence, it can hold a large amount of compost which is more than enough for a home garden. In addition, its barrel shape makes it much easier to roll the composter to wherever you want in your garden.

3. Twist Locking Lids

Spinning composters generally have twist locking lids on either end. This is a great feature because it secures that no small animals like squirrels or chipmunks are going to be able to get into the compost inside. Furthermore, it is also easy to twist and unlock the lid and add or move compost regardless which lid is up or down.

4. Temperature Holes

Some of these composters have another feature which enables you to get a proper reading of the temperature inside. These composters have about four holes in which you can insert a thermometer to get the reading of the temperature of the compost inside without removing the lid.

5. Compost Drain System

Many spinning composters have holes at the bottom to let the compost drain in the soil. Otherwise, you can also collect the liquid that drains out from the composter and use it on your plants or your flower garden. Thus, an average size spinning composter can produce around five gallons of liquid fertilizer.

6. 100 percent Recycled Composter

With the present demand for recycling, many spinning composter manufacturers are creating composters which are totally created using recycled plastic and other stuff. Hence, if you’re buying a spinning composter, buy one which is made from recycled material for the simple reason that it will not effect the quality of the compost. In addition, you will be helping the environment by buying a recycled product and use it to recycle organic waste.


Hence, a spinning composter is a beneficial tool which you can add to your garden. Moreover, it is intended to recycle a lot of organic waste which unfortunately we throw away every day. The compost created by a spinning composter is also created naturally using the heat of the sun and the air while it will surely help you to fertilize your garden.

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