Six Contemporary Style Ideas for Bay Windows

If you have bay windows in your home, you may want to make the most of the opportunity they offer to add some contemporary style to the room. Bay windows allow a lot of light into a room and provide an interesting feature, but sometimes the unusual shape of the window area can cause a problem when it comes to decorating. Here are a few stylish ideas to use your bay windows to their full potential.

Bay Window Curtains

It's possible to buy ready-made curtains and poles made in sections to fit a bay window perfectly. Buying curtains specifically designed for bay windows will save you from trying to make a set of standard curtains fit your windows. Getting the customized bay window curtain poles means that you can hang modern styles of curtains such as eyelet or tab top designs as well as the more traditional curtain hooks.

Decorative Curtains

Many people choose to have curtains that are only for appearances and are never drawn shut. This allows you to choose your curtains based on the style and design that you like rather than being restricted by the window measurements. It's also possible to get matching pelmets to finish off the look. The problem with decorative curtains is that you may not get much privacy unless you also have blinds or netting to cover the windows. Bay windows can also be a large source of heat loss in the winter so if you want to preserve the heat you'd be better off with curtains that you can close, or you could add window shades.

Curtain Poles

When choosing a curtain pole, you should make sure that it is of sufficient diameter to support the weight of your curtains. There is a range of curtain pole finishes available so you should be able to find one to complement your decor. Adding stylish finials to the ends of the pole can finish off your look perfectly and provide a feature that relates to the decorative theme of the room.


Using vertical blinds combined with curtains can be an excellent way of decorating your window. The blinds allow you to angle them for privacy and to prevent direct sunlight hitting your furniture, and there are many stylish colors and designs available. Wooden venetian blinds are more stylish than their plastic or metal counterparts and can help to make a beautiful feature of your bay window while also affording you privacy from passersby.

Window Shades

New, continental designs of sheer fabric panels with pointed ends and decorative tassels can provide a more stylish look than the old fashioned net curtains. Having the panels custom made with a fabric that coordinates with your room can add a touch of class to your window. Adding some throw cushions with the same design to the ledge will help pull the whole room together.

Bay Area Décor

Having the correct window covering will help to enhance your room, but it's also essential that you decorate the floor space of the bay area and incorporate it into the larger room. No matter how beautiful your window coverings are, the bay window will look strange if it's just an empty space. Use furniture such as a small side table or window seat to bring the room together. The bay area is also perfect for plants or decorative vases, as they'll look beautiful when the sun shines on them.