Six Easy to Grow Office Plants

Office plants can make a big difference to the environment, especially since most people who work in an office spend a substantial amount of the day in the same room. Choosing the right office plants will enable you not only to decorate your office but also to purify the air and brighten up the dreary mood that often takes off at work.

Here we shall be going through some office plants which are relatively easy to grow and maintain when compared with other plants. This is a very important aspect since you would not need to spend a lot of time caring for them when there are several other responsibilities and tasks to take care of pertaining to the office work. Additionally, most offices rely on artificial lights and often lack sunlight. Hence, plants used in an office need to be adaptable to such a factor.

1. English Ivy

This plant does not need any particular expertise to cultivate and maintain. Besides its shape is very appealing and it can grow in various ways, including hanging downwards or climbing upwards. Another positive aspect of the English ivy is the fact that it easily adapts to lighting conditions even if they are not bright or substantial.

2. Peace Lily

This plant is relatively easy to grow and has the adapting even to poor lighting conditions. It is also known to help substantially in the purification of the air, which in the case of an office is a vital aspect when considering that a number of colleagues may be present in the office for a prolonged period of time and on a daily basis. It is even more important if there are few windows to let in fresh air.  

3. African Violet

The African violet is especially suitable in case you have a small office and hence have very little space where to place plants. This plant is small yet pleasing and lively. If possible though you would best place it near a window where at least some sun’s rays can reach it. Also try to remember to water it regularly. If you try to keep in mind to do so first thing in the morning or during lunchtime you will be less likely to forget.

4. Dracaena

This plant is very easy to take care of but you may need to have a bit more space to grow it in an office. Having said that, a Dracaena provides a nice setting either in the corner of the office or as a central decoration since its leaves are large and feature a nice bottle green shade when it is properly cared for.

5. Cactus

The cactus is among the easiest plants one can grow. They can grow in a variety of shapes and forms and take up little space. Make sure you do not place them anywhere where any one of you can get pricked though!

6. Philodendrons

Philodendrons are ideal for an office environment. They do not require much care or any special attention but still tend to be vigorous and lively nonetheless.