Six Modern Color Schemes for Wood Paneling

wood paneling

Wood paneling is often much more appreciated than other wall panels, which are usually made from laminated materials. Even though wood panels are a little more expensive, they still are the preferred choice for a lot of people because they can provide a glimpse of wood's natural beauty, enhancing any room. The following are just some of the most common wood paneling colors which can match the present demand of modern interior decor.

Gray Oak

One of the most demanded colors in modern interiors is gray. This color, midway between white and black, can match a large variety of white and cream interior decorations which are also common with modern rooms. Gray oak is generally used in both living rooms and bathrooms. Snce it is a rather dark color, it requires a lot of lighting to balance the ambiance.

Ebony Macassar Wood

Another popular dark hue for modern interiors is ebony macassar wood. This wood is a slightly different from ebony wood. It provides a much more exotic look; moreover, macassar wood panels are very common in offices and libraries since they blends perfectly with office furniture. Once again, this wood color needs a lot of lighting. A gloss lacquer finish will magnificently enhance these wood panels.

Rose Oak

A modern light color for wood paneling is rose oak. This color combines perfectly with other light color decorations, such as purple or turquoise. In addition, this color is more common to bedrooms than bathrooms or kitchens.


This material is a rather exotic one. Zebrawood, as the name implies, is a type of wood which has a beautiful texture simulating zebra skin. This stylish wood is also common in offices and libraries. It can be easily cleaned using a non-abrasive detergent. It can also be found in tile size; therefore, you can create a modern texture with these wood panels.

Safari Black Wood

Black is certainly the most frequently used color in modern interiors. Although a bit strange, safari black wood panels can light up a room since they balance the amount of light while creating a unique and warm atmosphere. Black wood panels are popular in every room of a house, even kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, black wood can match a vast variety of colors. It satisfies the taste of a lot of people.

Dark Walnut

Dark walnut has always been a dominant wood color for centuries. Even today, this dark color is very common in modern interiors for its dark, yet pleasant look. It is used in bathrooms and living rooms, but it can also be used in kitchens if the room has the correct lighting. Dark walnut paneling is also used in upscale restaurants to create a romantic, luxurious atmosphere.

These color schemes are just some of the wide range of colors for modern interiors. In the end, whatever type or color of wood paneling you choose, your imagination is the key to creating the desired atmosphere in your home.