Six Reasons to Buy Jute Area Rugs Six Reasons to Buy Jute Area Rugs

Jute area rugs are made up of plant fibers that have been spun into tight threads. Jute has been used for thousands of years to make rugs. Read more to find out why you should buy a jute rug.

  1. Because they are made up of plant fibers, which require less time and effort to harvest and create, jute rugs are less expensive than wool or cotton rugs. A jute rug typically costs about one-third less than thicker rugs.
  2. Although it may seem like jute rugs are rough, with their fibers coming from a plant, these rugs are actually ultra silky and supple—comfortable enough for even the most delicate of toes.
  3. Jute rugs are earth friendly, requiring no synthetics for their manufacturing or production.
  4. Jute rugs also come in blends, in which the hand-spun jute is combined with wool, cotton or chenille, making these inexpensive rugs even more durable.
  5. These rugs are much lighter than their wool or cotton counter parts, making moving and storage really easy and light.
  6. They look great; because jute rugs often come in natural colors, namely white, beige, tan or dark brown, they provide warm, comfortable accents to any room.



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