How to Keep Your Crawlspace Pest Free

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  • 4-48 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 60-300
What You'll Need
Crack sealant
Mixing barrel for concrete
Face mask
Safety glasses
Vapor barrior (optional)

Rodents and other pests can be a major problem if they get into your crawlspace. A rodent can cause a lot of damage to the interior of the home. If allowed to continue living in your home's crawlspace, these creatures have unlimited access to the other areas of your house.

An Open Doorway

Your crawlspace is the 3-4-foot space between the ground and the underside of your home. It is an open doorway to the rest of your home, where rodents can follow the heated air ducts, the water pipes, and the electrical wiring through the rest of the house.

The tiniest of openings is enough for a small rodent, like a mouse or a mole. They work their way through them and chew through the material to make the holes bigger.

Step 1 - Seal All Openings

There are several ways that rodents can enter your crawlspace. They can crawl under the walls, through unsealed corners, and through cracks between the door and wall. Thoroughly examine the interior and exterior,of your crawlspace. Seal any openings, no matter how small, with caulking, foam insulation, or wood.

Step 2 - Spread Vapor Barrier

One reason that rodents like crawlspaces is the moisture content. A solid barrier between the ground and your crawlspace will reduce moisture to minimum levels. A thick rubber membrane or strong plastic is the best choice for a protective barrier.

Step 3 - Keep Brush Away from Home

A home that is lined with brush and hedges send an open invitation to rodents. Hedges next to the house both trap moisture and soften the soil around the building, which will allows rodents to burrow under the wall.

Step 4 - Lay Concrete Floor and Footing

Dig a small footing around your home and pour a small concrete wall with a concrete floor. Doing so will provide extra protection from rodents, such as moles and mice, from burrowing through the soil under your crawlspace walls.

Step 5 - Lay Traps and Inspect

Set traps around the crawlspace near places where you suspect rodent activity. Continually inspect your crawlspace and remove any traps that have been tripped. When you see that there is activity, identify the point of entry and seal it.

Step 6 - Maintenance

Keeping your home free of rodents is an ongoing process. Once you stop one point of entry, another will open up. Follow these steps to decrease the opportunities and conditions that contribute to rodent and pest infestation.