Six Ways to Grow Ferns Indoors

There are mainly six things to consider if you want to grow ferns in the best possible environment for them to flourish and beautify your home:

1. Light

Ferns grow in many different climatic conditions, thus you can buy ferns that will be suited to the amount of light found in the house. Most ferns do well with light coming from a window situated either in the north or the east where no direct sunlight will reach it. If you don’t have a window facing these two directions, keep the plant as far away from the window as possible.

2. Temperature

Ferns prefer cool temperatures rather than warm ones, which should not exceed 70 degrees during the day and 60 degrees at night.

3. Humidity

The right amount of humidity is necessary if your ferns are not to get scorched or have their inner leaves turn yellow. They do well in the 35 percent to 50 percent humidity range, the higher the better; a humidifier is a thing to consider if the humidity in your home is far too low. Double potting also helps if you fill the space of the containers with moist gravel or moss. Kitchens or bathrooms are also ideal places for the plant/s to get more humidity. Generally, ferns with glossy hard-textured leaves withstand lack of humidity better.

4. Water 

Different ferns require different amounts of water, but the rule of thumb is they have to be kept consistently moist. Sogginess is to be avoided and they should not sit in the water which drains from the pot. Check the soil regularly to see if it is dry or over-moist.

5. Soil

Ferns like soil which is a mix of garden soil, peat and sand in equal parts. To make sure it is free from disease you can buy it from gardening establishments where they sell packaged mixed soil especially made for ferns.

6. Potting

Pots should fit the plant, so a small plant will require a small pot and a plant which will grow to be big needs a large pot. The pot should have a large draining hole so excess water can easily flow away. It can be of plastic or clay but if housed with another plant it should be washed clean to avoid any contamination.

Ferns are as old as Time; they predate seed-bearing plants by hundreds of millions of years. They do not bear flowers but they are magnificent in their diversity of shapes and sizes and various shades of green. Some ferns can be put in hanging baskets in which they look charming and restful to the eye, some can grow upright and some can be trained to climb on sticks and poles.

Whatever the fern of your choice will be, if you treat it right, it will reward you with its almost mystical beauty which soothes and calms the spirit.