Skin Care - 9 Foods to Avoid for Acne

Although no particular food will cause acne, there are a number of foods that, if avoided, will be better for your skin care. Pizza and chocolate don’t cause acne per se, but they can aggravate skin conditions. The best way to keep your skin clean and acne free is to avoid the foods that increase grease, eat more foods that clean out your system and get plenty of vitamins and minerals. In general, foods that are heavy in fats, oils and sugar should be reduced to a minimum if you want to decrease the likelihood of an acne breakout. The following 9 foods should be avoided for better skin care and general health and wellbeing.

Foods to Avoid

  • High Fat Foods: Foods that are high in fat would fill a very long list–too long to list them all here. Fast food, donuts, deep fried foods, potato chips, pudding, and ice cream are all high in fat and should be consumed sparingly, if at all.
  • Refined Sugar Products: Refined sugar can be found in hundreds of foods, not just candy. Candy is one of the worst culprits and should not be consumed. Fruit juices, cookies, pastries and soda pop are 3 examples. Too much refined sugar in your diet is bad for your skin, and it can cause other health problem--not to mention lower your immunity.
  • Dairy Products: Products such as milk, cheese, butter and cream are routinely part of the modern diet. However, dairy products are suspected to be one of the leading causes of acne.
  • Red Meat: Beef, lamb and pork should be reduced to a minimum to improve skin quality. High in fat, red meats are heavier and take longer to digest--which can cause oily deposits to build up in your pores.
  • Processed Foods: Anything processed in a can generally should be avoided. Most of the nutrients are gone from canned items, including vegetables. The amount of refined sugar, additives and preservatives used in processing foods is not good for your skin or your overall health.
  • White Rice: White rice must steal nutrients from your body in order to be digested, which is what makes your blood sugar level increase and then crash. Eating white rice is a lot like eating refined sugar.
  • Charred or Grilled Foods: In addition to being high in fat, grilled foods may be quite spicy. If you have problems with digestion, these high fat foods can cause the grease to come out through the face in the form of acne.
  • Excessive Salt: Foods rich in iodine, such as salt, have been shown to increase acne. Iodized products appear in refined and processed foods such as white bread and should be avoided or limited.
  • Spicy Foods: Although some say spicy foods are good for the body, if you have trouble with digestion, excessive spice may aggravate the likelihood of an acne breakout.

Foods other than those listed here may increase the risk of an acne breakout. Substitutes can but healthy, fresh foods should be consumed most of the time.