Slate Maintenance, Care and Repair

Slate is quarried stone used for fireplaces, hearths, and floors in the home. As slate is a porous stone material, it should be sealed. Get a special slate floor sealer from the flooring dealer or home center. The sealer penetrates the upper surface of the slate, and protects it from soil and scratches, and from grease.

To clean state, brush wall surfaces occasionally to remove dust and "freshen" or dust with dusting attachment of vacuum cleaner.

Wash slate floors with detergent and water. Slate is not damaged by alkali cleaners, but strong solutions are not needed for cleaning. Rinse well and wipe dry. A water based, self-polishing wax can be applied over a clean, dry, sealed floor for extra protection and shine. Weekly damp mopping with a barely damp mop on a waxed floor will keep it clean for quite a while before the washing with detergent is needed.

If you have an electric polisher, solvent-base polishing wax may be used to clean and wax. This must be buffed. Do not use wax around fireplaces.

This article has been contributed in part by Michigan State University Extension