Slate Kitchen Tile Design Ideas Slate Kitchen Tile Design Ideas

Slate kitchen tile comes in a variety of colors and sizes making it easy to design a unique floor layout. Choose colors, shapes and sizes of tiles to suit your own personal tastes and style. Get creative and really let your imagination go. Here are several ideas to get you started.

Straight Forward Tiles

Choose a color for your floor and simply lay the tiles out in even rows. The natural beauty of the stone can be design enough all on its own. The color of grout you use can also make a stark contrast.

Basic Checkerboard

Chose a lighter color and a darker color tile and alternate them to create a standard checkerboard design. This would be ideal in the kitchen and dinning room area.

Brick Pattern

Use smaller, rectangle shaped tiles and offset each row creating an interlocking pattern reminiscent of brick walls and paths.

Say it with Diamonds

A variation on the basic checkerboard layout, turn the tiles diagonally and create rows of diamond shapes in alternating colors.

Mix and Match

Use regular-sized tiles and quarter-sized tiles to create an interesting mix and match effect of larger tiles surrounding smaller tiles. Alternately use narrower rectangle shapes to outline regular square foot tiles.

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