Slate Patio Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

A slate patio adds a distinct touch of class to outdoor living space. However, dust, dirt and airborne particles are likely to gather on your patio regularly. Depending on the weather, you may also get build-up of moisture or snow which if left unattended will combine with dirt to cause premature aging. Stains can develop and if overlooked, will spoil the beauty of your patio. Cleaning is a necessary routine that will ensure your patio stays in good shape, help prevent damage and extend the life of your patio. Give your slate patio a thorough cleaning two or three times a year. Regular cleaning can be done on a weekly basis or as need arises. Following are some cleaning and maintenance tips.

Use Green Products

There are plenty of suitable green cleaning products on the market that will ensure effective patio cleaning. Slate is a natural material and a costly one to install. You want to be sure to avoid gradual damage setting in from the use of harsh detergents and chemicals. Use green products for all your patio cleaning. This will help prevent costly repair or premature replacement that may be caused by more conventional cleaners. Use of green products is also kinder to the surrounding environment. This is especially significant if there is no drainage installed in your patio.

Removing Stains

Mix a slate cleaner with water and apply over any stained areas. Allow about 5 or 10 minutes for the cleaning solution to work on the stains. Use a stff brush to scrub onto the patio. Be sure to apply enough pressure for a better effect. Use a garden hose to rinse off the cleaning solution. If the stain does not lift off completely you will need to re-apply some more cleaning solution. Leave for another 5 minutes then scrub and rinse off. A second round of cleaning usually proves effective in clearing off stubborn stains. Shaving cream also works effectively to remove stains. Simply apply some onto the stains, allow to work for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off.

Avoid Shoes on the Patio

Sand, dirt, grime and other small particles stick onto the bottom of your shoes. It is a good idea to take shoes off before walking on your slate patio. This simple measure will help prevent scars, bruises and marks caused by walking shoes over the patio.


This is a vital patio maintenance measure that will help you maintain your patio in good shape. Always be sure to remove all surface dust and dirt first before you apply polish. Polishing gives your patio that attractive shine and also helps to preserve the slate material.


During installation of your patio, a sealant was used to help set the slate pieces firmly in place. With time, the sealant tends to erode. It is a good idea to re-apply sealant once a year or every 2 years depending on need. This will help reduce incidence of stains. Regular re-application also reduces wear and tear effects and helps keep the patio looking attractive.