Slatted Wall Shelving: How to Make Corners

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Table saw
Shelf brackets
Plastic anchors

It is always beneficial if you can utilize some unused space for storage, and slatted wall shelves built around the corners can serve this purpose nicely. Having a piece of furniture built for the corner can cost a hefty amount so the easy way out is having a wall shelve around the corner. It is a moderately difficult task and can be achieved with a little effort.  

Step 1: Measuring

Measure the corner properly and use the T-square for drawing perpendicular lines on the material that will be used for building the shelve. Generally particle boards are used for this purpose and you can cut them easily by a hand saw. Once the board is cut, place it in the corner and see if it is fitting perfectly.

Step 2: Preparing the Wall

Use the pencil to mark the wall where the shelf brackets will be fitted. Drill holes in the wall and make sure they are aligned properly.

Step 3: Completing the Installation

Install the shelf brackets and place the particle board. Press down the board and make holes to screw it on the brackets.