Sleigh Bed Decorating Tips

A sleigh bed is a beautiful addition to any bedroom. A perk of a sleigh bed is that it is very traditional but can also be very modern. You can change the look of a sleigh bed easily, and this article will share some tips on how you can decorate them.


This is an obvious change to make and the easiest. A sleigh bed is traditionally covered with dark reds and other warm colors. For a more modern look, use white and variations of white. It will make the sleigh bed look sleek, lean and modern.

Recessed Painting

There are many decorative elements on a sleigh bed. Highlight these elements by using a darker shade of color than the base and a small brush. Paint the recessed elements to accentuate them and the overall design of the bed.


A sleigh bed is quite tall and perfectly suited to be covered with a canopy. Attach towel hooks at each corner of the bed and pull the fabric through them and then spread the fabric apart to allow it to drape.

Privacy Drapes

Create the feel of elegance by adding drape to the sleigh bed. Install clips at the top of the bed and hang drapes from them.