Sliding Auto Door Repair Steps

If you are suddenly faced with a necessary auto door repair, here are some things you should try before consulting a professional: 

Check the Fuse
Many times a costly garage visit can be avoided by simply checking the fuse box. If you find that the fuse is blown, replace the fuse and you are back in business.

Check the Auto Door Switch
Most vans with automatic doors have switches located on the dash that can turn the doors on and off. Check to see if one of the switches has been turned off by accident.

Disconnect Battery Cable
As weird as it may seem, sometimes all you need to do to fix an auto door is to simply disconnect the positive battery cable. Once disconnected, wait for about 4 minutes and then connect the battery terminal again. This will reset any electrical glitches in the system.

Seek Help
If a reset didn't work and the fuse isn't blown, then chances are the door motor is malfunctioning or broken. Take it to a garage and ask for a diagnostic of the door motor.