Sliding Door Closers and Home Security Sliding Door Closers and Home Security

Sliding door closers can help improve the security of your home. These closers reduce the amount of thefts and provide owners with better piece of mind. Unlike normal locking devices for sliding doors, these closures do not rely on superficial latch type locks. The locks on the closers are secure and rely on both electrical sensors and key locking devices.

Most sliding door closers are powered by electricity and open automatically through the use of specialized sensors. Weight or motion often operate the door's electrical features when engaged and on. When the closure is in the lock position and the sensors are turned off, they take greater force to open. In addition, many are equipped with steel locks that require a key just as a deadbolt does. With this type of security, home and business owners can rest assured that their assets are well protected.

Well Fitting Is Best

Just as in any other type of locking system, it is necessary to install a sliding door closer that fits well in your doorframe. The closers for sliding doors are made to rest completely flush with the frame, allowing little to no air to enter when in the closed position. It also means that these closers are not easily rattled or pried open by intruders since the door is snug with little give.

Added Security and Safety

Installing a sliding door closer can also benefit you in security if you have children in the home. Children’s safety can be compromised if a sliding door is easy to open and easy to leave open. With a proper closer, children can open the door when the sensors are on and with your knowledge at normal times, but cannot easily open the door to strangers when the sensors are off. For any homeowner and parent, this can be a major worry off their minds.

Sliding door closers also assist the elderly, who are the victims of crime in many cases. Those who come to the door are easily seen by the homeowner. However, the door is not easily opened by would-be perpetrators.

No More Open Doors

Many sliding door closers can be operated with a remote locking device. When you leave your home, you can use the remote to ensure the door is closed, the sensors are off, and the door is locked. With this advantage, there are no more forgotten doors that get left open or unlocked. It also means a lessening in home crimes as the house is not as easily entered when no one is there.

There are many things you can do as a homeowner to protect your property. Some of those things entail a great deal of expense and memorizing complicated codes. Installing a properly fitting sliding door closer is one of the easiest and most economical solutions to building an arsenal of protection for your home and your family. 

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