Sliding Door Track Repair Tips

If your door isn’t sliding as smoothly as it should, it may be time to look at some sliding door track repair tips. This doesn’t have to be a difficult process, and it can often be inexpensive.

Check for Damage
With the door pulled completely open, check the track for obvious damage. If you have a metal track (which is most common), you can try to gently hammer out any bends or kinks. Use caution while doing this; you don’t want to make the damage worse.

Track Repair Kits
Many places now sell kits that are very easy to use to repair a sliding door track. These are designed to fit down inside the old track. They are much cheaper than having to replace an entire track system. Check your local hardware store to see if they are available.

Replace the Track
The worse case scenario is that the entire track needs to be replaced. This is a time consuming job, but not a terribly hard one.

You’ll want to find the right track for your door. Remove the door from the track, and start taking the old tracking off. Once the old track is off, you can inspect the frame for any damage that may be damaging the track. As long as there isn’t any, you can install the new track.

Follow these simple tips to have your door sliding smoothly again.