Sliding Door Window Treatment: 4 Great Options

Large bedroom with sliding glass door
  • 1-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-500

There are numerous sliding door window treatments available to homeowners today. Gone are the days when the only choices were horizontal blinds or drapes. Instead homeowners can choose from beautiful shutters, vertical blinds and many other options – all of which add not only beauty but also function to window coverings for what has been an unsightly and cumbersome problem in the past.

1. Blinds

In the past blinds were only available as flat horizontal blinds that were made of metal, wood, or plastic. These blinds were often installed in several banks that had to be pulled up in order to access the slider door, and frequently ended up bent or broken over the course of years of use.

Today's blinds are available for sliding doors in a much more convenient and attractive vertical form. They can be installed so they run the entire height of the door, and for sliders that have windows installed above them, some homeowners choose to have vertical blinds installed that run the entire height of all of the windows. This gives added privacy and a more complete and finished look to the sliding door and windows.

2. Shutters

More expensive than vertical blinds, but extremely beautiful are interior shutters. Shutters can be installed that are as tall as the slider door and allow homeowners to simply open only the shutters that are immediately adjacent to the door opening to allow people to enter or exit the home. This maintains privacy while allowing for functional use of the door.

Shutters are available in wood and other materials and can be stained a natural wood color or painted to match the interior décor of the home. Additionally, they can be painted another color on the side that is facing outward so that they blend in with the exterior home color when they are closed and provide a seamless wall of color.

3. Window Treatments

sliding glass door covering

There are sliding door window treatments that are more unusual, but may be just as attractive to homeowners who are happy stepping outside the traditional decorating styles. For example, Japanese shoji screens can be installed just inside the slider. Shoji screens are constructed with multiple square panels that are covered with rice paper. These panels are framed with wood and the outside of the entire screen is framed in wood.

4. Glass Panels

Another less traditional but very beautiful window treatment for sliding doors are either the installation of sandblasted glass panels in the door—sandblasting can be created in many beautiful styles and patterns—or the use of stained glass panels placed over the sliding glass panels of the door. Both of these window treatments allow for light to come inside the house, while still maintaining a level of privacy.


No matter what type of window treatment you choose for your home interiors, you can rest assured there are many choices available for sliding doors. Choices include not only traditional blinds, but also shutters and less traditional privacy screens.