Sliding Glass Door Replacement in Four Easy Steps Sliding Glass Door Replacement in Four Easy Steps

The sliding glass door replacement process is not overly complicated and can be performed by you without too much trouble. You will have your sliding glass doors replaced quickly as well as efficiently by reading and considering the information below.

Step 1 - Remove Old Doors and Frame

Most sliding glass door combinations have one sliding door and one stationary door. You can remove the sliding glass door by lifting it up and out of the frame. For the stationary door, remove the brackets at the top and bottom of it and then lift it up and out. Then, remove the entire frame, including the trim, in order to place the new frame in properly.

Step 2 - Install New Frame

Install the new frame by using shims to trim and level it within the space. Use a carpenter’s level and framing square to get the frame to fit snugly and properly leveled. Secure the new frame in place with screws, using at least 3 per side, on the top and bottom.

Step 3 - Install Sliding Doors

Install the stationary door by placing the top into the upper groove and pushing upward in order to seat the bottom rollers onto the bottom panel groove and secure in place with the brackets provided. Install the new sliding door and use tension screws to adjust to a smooth slide across the tracks.

Step 4 - Finishing Touches

Use caulk to create a seal around the inside and outside of the new sliding glass door frame. Once the caulk has dried, reinstall the trim around the frame to finish the job.

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