Sliding Glass French Doors: Keeping Them Lubricated Sliding Glass French Doors: Keeping Them Lubricated

One of the regular maintenance actions for sliding glass French doors is keeping the runner track clean and well lubricated. This can be accomplished quickly, unless you allow dirt and grime to build up on the track. In this case, it will take a bit more effort to bring the track back into good working order.

Cleaning the Track

Generally, a good sweeping or vacuum of the track will keep dirt and grime out of the runners. However, occasionally it is necessary to put a bit more effort into cleaning the track.

With a toothbrush or other small brush scrub the track runners. If there is dirt or grime caked onto the runners, simply spray on a good cleaner or a solution of bleach and liquid soap and then let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes before scrubbing it with the brush.

Once the track is dry, vacuum once more to get any excess dirt.

Lubricating the Track

There are several different suggestions for lubrication for a sliding glass French door track.

  • WD40 – This multipurpose lubricant is extremely good for lubricating almost anything that needs help sliding well or opening more smoothly, including a sliding door. Simply spray along the track and run the door back and forth a few times to distribute the lubricant evenly along the track.
  • Light Mineral Oil – Light mineral oil is also another lubricant that is inexpensive and easy to apply to the track. Spray a light coat along the track line and then run the door back and forth to distribute the oil evenly, until the door slides smoothly.

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