Sliding Patio Door Repair Guide

There are many different reasons that you may need to perform patio door repair. It can be from normal wear and tear or from accidental damage to an area of your door. The most common repairs can be attributed to the rollers on the sliding door or screen, the locking latches, a loose track or even a damaged screen door. Here are a few different things that can happen and how you can go about repairing them in order for your sliding door to last longer.

Track Repair

Step 1 - Clean it

Many tracks do not actually need repair the might just need to be cleaned. Before deciding on the repair, make sure that you clean out the track. You can use a vacuum with a small attachment to get the bulk of the dirt out and then use a spray bottle of water and a rag to clean up the rest of the dirt and debris.

Step 2 -  Check for Repairs

In some cases the track can become loose and simply need to be tightened down. Use a screwdriver or a drill to make certain that all of the screws are tight and out of the way from the sliding patio doors.

Screen Repair

Step 1 - Assess the Damage

Figure out the damage and determine if you can use a patch kit or if the whole screen needs to be replaced. Replacing the whole screen is sometimes easier and can be done with a screen kit and simple tools.

Step 2 - The Repair

In most cases you will be able to reuse the rubber that goes around the outside of the screen but if the screen kit comes with it, go ahead and use the new rubber for around the screen frame. Lay out the mesh material and slowly work the rubber into the fitted area of the frame forcing some of the screen material inside with it. Once you have worked your way around the whole frame take a utility knife and cut of the excess screening material.

Latch Repair or Replacement

Step 1 - Order the Part

If your latch is broken it is a good idea to just replace the whole latching system, for security and peace of mind. Remove the old hardware from the door and get ready to install the new latch.

Step 2 - Install

Using the instructions included with the new latching mechanism, start to reassemble the locking latch. It is not a difficult task and might take at most thirty minutes to complete.


Step 1 - Remove the Door

Remove the door from the track and remove the wheels from each side of the door. Determine the type that you need to purchase and how many need to be replaced.

Step 2 - Replace

Once you have found the right rollers all that you need to do is replace the rollers on the door. It is a good idea to replace them all at one time so that they are all in the same condition. After the rollers are replaced then replace the sliding door onto the track and test for a smooth roll. Rollers are one of the more commonly replaced parts and also one of the easier repairs.