Sliding Patio Door Replacement in 7 Steps Sliding Patio Door Replacement in 7 Steps

What You'll Need
New sliding door
Pry bar
Low impact insulation foam
Insulation tape

Patio door replacement is not a difficult job however it does take knowledge of how to work basic tools and a bit of time. Finding a replacement door that fits the current rough opening of your sliding patio door will make installation that much easier. For the purpose of this article we will assume that the frames are the same size.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Door

Remove the old door. You will need to remove the molding around the door, the sliding doors and screen. Find all nails and screws used to attach the old frame to the opening. Once they are all removed then the frame should come right out.

Step 2 - Level Out

Use the leveler to check all sides of the opening for level and plumb. This is important to ensure that the new frame will fit in correctly and will not install warped. If this is allowed then the doors will not open properly.

Step 3 - Insulation Tape

Use the insulation tape to line top and bottom and both sides of the opening. This will help to make a watertight seal, as well as not allow cool or hot weather into or out of the home.

Step 4 - Install the Frame

You might need a helper for this part. From the outside of the home you will want to lean the bottom of the door frame against the base of the opening and gently lean it into the top. Use a hammer with a piece of scrap wood placed against the frame to make sure that the frame is inserted all of the way into the opening.

Step 5 - Secure the Door

Secure the door with nails or screws using the metal fins that are on the exterior part of the framing, initially only use one or two nails to keep the frame in place while you secure the rest of the frame. You will need to use shims to fill in the portions of the frame where there are spaces. Use screws to secure the sides of the frame first making sure to go through the shims and into the surrounding wood. Then secure the bottom with screws and finally the top of the interior frame. After you have done this then you can go back and finish nailing in the frame using the metal fin on the exterior of the home.

Step 6 - Add Doors and Test

Place the patio doors in the patio door track and test that the patio door roller is working correctly. If you have taken care to ensure that the door frame is plumb and level then the door should pass this test without many adjustments.

Step 7 - Make it Visually Appealing

Once everything is working correctly then it is time to add the trim and hardware to the door. If you were careful when removing the original trim you can use the same trim instead of needing replacement trim. Caulk and paint the trim to be visually appealing and you are done with this project.

By following these basic instructions you will be enjoying your new sliding door in no time.

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