Sliding Room Dividers vs. Hanging Room Dividers

If you are thinking of installing room dividers in your home, you have the option between sliding room dividers and hanging room dividers. Room dividers serve the practical function of breaking up interior spaces for privacy and utility purposes. Both these two kinds of dividers offer some advantages, so consider the following to decide which will work best for you.

Benefits of Sliding Room Dividers

One of the best things about sliding dividers is that they are versatile and portable. They can easily be moved to open and close certain sections of a room with no difficulty at all. Installation isn’t that challenging, either. Most sliding dividers slide into position with hardly any assembly required.

Sliding dividers can also save you money, not only because they are cheap, but also because you don’t need to hire a professional to install them. If you want to separate your dining room from the kitchen so that your guests won’t see the surprise meals you’re whipping for them, you can install these dividers without having to spend a fortune.

Another great perk of this divider type is that they are floor supported. That means they do not require installation of ceiling beams. Also, because they are installed from the floor, they offer a certain degree of soundproofing that other types of dividers can not provide. Moreover, they are suitable for any venue. They can be used in any part of the home as well as in other establishments such as auditoriums, schools, churches and so on.

Advantages of Hanging Room Dividers

The second type of room divider is the hanging divider. The biggest advantage of hanging room dividers is that their light weight makes it unlikely that they will cause injury to anyone. Hanging room dividers, which are typically blinds or curtains, will not pinch fingers or hurt anyone. This is especially ideal if you have kids at home.

Just as they are easy to install, they are also easy to remove. If you’re constantly on the move from one place to another, this would be the more practical choice for you. They are also easy to move to room and don't have to be permanent installations.

If the sliding dividers are cheap, this one is even cheaper. However, you may need to install ceiling beams if your home doesn’t have any yet. Another thing that people love about these dividers is that they take up less space than other types of dividers. You can easily open the curtains when you want a spacious room and then close it when you want some privacy. Hanging room dividers also come in a wide range of designs, so you can quickly choose one that will blend with the overall look of your home.