Sliding Screen Door: How to Change the Rollers

What You'll Need
Sliding screen door rollers
Protective gloves and overalls

Sliding screen door rollers are made from plastic or metal with mounts. This makes them susceptible to wear and tear. Plastic rollers can get broken edges while metal rollers can get rust or worn out mounts.

Step 1 – Remove Screen Door

There are doors that can easily be removed without adjusting rollers. Lift it up and down to check whether there is enough room to remove it. If this is not possible, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and lower the door.

Step 2 – Remove Rollers

Use a slotted screwdriver and trace a fine line on the rollers. Insert the screwdrivers and gently pull out the rollers of the track. Remove the rollers and carefully dismount the door from the track and position it in a safe place.

Step 3 – Change Rollers

Take the new roller and position it to fit in place. Use a slotted screwdriver to lift the spring off the adjustment screw and fix in the roller. Use a screwdriver to fasten and secure the roller. Snap the inner frame into the outer frame and reattach the screen door.