Sliding Window

A sliding window, sometimes referred to as a slider, is any type of window which utilizes two or more sashes which are able to slid horizontally past one another.

Advantages of a Sliding Window

A sliding window offers a number of advantages over vertical windows. Due to their horizontal sliding style, they are far less apt to suffer from some of the problems that vertical windows suffer from. One of the biggest is a failed spring in the vertical window.

Unlike sliding windows, vertical windows utilize a spring and weight balance pulley to hold the window up when you have lifted it up. This can fail and when it does, the window can no longer be left open. You are able to physically hold the window open but it will fall closed if you let go. A sliding Window slides horizontally so they do not have the affect of gravity working against them. This translates into fewer components and they are incapable of suffering from this somewhat common problem found in vertical windows.