Sliding Window Air Conditioner Sliding Window Air Conditioner

If you’re looking for a sliding window air conditioner, doing some online research is usually a good place to start. These units are air conditioners built to fit in a sliding or casement window. Several manufacturers produce these sliding window air conditioner units: including Fedders, Emerson, Frigidaire, Amana and Haier. They will come with a kit for installation in sliding windows.

Prices for sliding window air conditioners range from about $253 to $480.

The dimensions are usually about 20” long by 14-1/2” wide by 22 inches high.

The British Thermal Units (or BTUs) for this type of air conditioner are in the 5,000-18,000 range, all about 115 volts.

Some of the features offered in sliding window air conditioner units include, electronic controls, full-feature remotes, multiple fan and cooling settings, and four-way air direction. Other desirable features in sliding window air conditioner units include ultra-quiet operation, safety power cord, sleek design, and numerous color finishes.

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