Sliding Window Locks: 3 Options

Sliding window locks are installed to help keep your window from sliding open. This is true for children who may be inside the home or burglars or intruders outside the home trying to get inside. There are a few options for sliding window locks and how they can benefit you and your family’s safety.

Sliding Window Guards

Sliding window guards are locks that allow up to four inches of ventilation for sliding windows. These work by putting the lock on the track of the window and pushing the lever down to lock in place. To adjust the position of the lock, pull the lever up in its open position. The disadvantage is that if the lever should break, your window can be made easily accessible to enter .

Sliding Window Wedge Lock

The window wedge is lock that controls how far a window opens. The window wedge can be used on sliding windows and double hung windows. It is easy to install and easy to remove to reposition. The window wedge keeps children and outsiders from opening a window and from opening a window wider that is already open. It is not placed on the glass but rather on the inner frame. The disadvantage to this lock is that it can be easily removed by anyone since no tools are required to install it.

Super Stoppers Sliding Window Lock

The sliding window super stopper is a lock that lets you open your windows for air, but keeps small children from opening it past a certain point. The window super stopper keeps people on the outside from opening your window past the stopping point. It is recommended to at least use two super stoppers on each window. There are no tools required to install the super stopper. The supper stopper is a suction operated lock and its disadvantage is that while it may prevent the window from moving, the suction lock device may be able to be removed from either side of the window if it can be accessed.