Slug Pellet Alternatives

Many flower and plant gardens suffer from slug infestations. In fact, it is not uncommon for a garden to contain more than 200 slugs per cubic yard of soil. These slithering insects damage flowers and plants and are a general nuisance to most gardeners. Many gardeners choose to use slug pellets to help eradicate slugs in their gardens. However, slug pellets may be poisonous and toxic. Fortunately, there are many effective alternatives.

Other Ways to Control Slugs

If you want to avoid using poisonous and toxic lead pellets, you do have many eco-friendly alternatives to help kill slugs and curb their reproduction. You may or may not be aware that beer is an effective form of slug control. Slugs simply can't resist the malt and hops that are used in the brewing of beer, and you can use this to your advantage. Simply bury a glass of beer, and leave the rim of the glass about an inch or two above the soil line. The slug will be drawn to the beer and drown in it.

You can also use oatmeal to kill slugs as well. Simply spread dry oatmeal around in your garden, and the slugs will be drawn to it. If you have ever made oatmeal, you know how it expands when mixed with water or other liquid. It has the same effect inside the slug and will often lead to the slug simply exploding. Using oatmeal usually only works effectively in dry weather.