Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Because the bathroom is among the busiest rooms of the house, it sometimes needs to be remodeled. There are some small bathroom remodeling jobs that you can do yourself. These renovations are not expensive. You can use certain strategies that make the bathroom look larger than it really is.

Installing Grab Bars

Equipping your bathroom with grab bars is more useful for the future rather than for the present. They come in handy if you have sick or injured people living in the house.

Grab bars are a helpful addition to the bathroom area; they can be fixed to the toilet and bath areas, or even in the hallways. They prevent accidents and help those who struggle with mobility.

Fixing a Floating Vanity

Floating vanities are a must for modern bathrooms, especially when space is an issue. They take up much less space than an ordinary vanity unit, but they do not compromise the overall style of the room. On the contrary, its clean-cut edges and simple modern lines enhance the feeling of space.

Covering the Walls With Glossy Tiles

Glossy tiles reflect light back into the room and create the impression of a well-lit room and more space. You can replace the old tile with new glossy tile. Another advantage of glossy tile is that it does not soil easily.

Distinguishing and Selecting Fixtures

The bathroom is equipped with a long list of fixtures. The most common are those which you find in the sink, shower, and bath. Substituting your current fixtures with leaner, modern styles will improve the room's appearance.

You can install LED lights in the water outlets of your bath or shower to give it a modern look. These lights change color according to the water's temperature. The light turns blue if the water is cold, then red when the water is hot. This bathroom remodeling idea is helpful for young children and people who have vision problems.

Painting the Bathroom

A fresh coat of paint will instantly transform the room. Painting the walls revives and brightens the atmosphere. You can paint your bathroom any color you like. Painting your bathroom is a small project that makes a huge difference.

Installing a Shower Screen

A shower screen gives you all the privacy needed while showering, although they allow light to enter the shower area. There are many types of shower screens. Most of them are made of glass. You can select etched, stained, or frosted glass.

These are just a few and the most common small bathroom remodeling ideas. You can opt for more complex changes which may require more money and are more time-consuming.

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