Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

A small kitchen remodel can enhance and renew the look of your small kitchen without having to undertake a complete refurbishment. Read on for a few simple ideas can help you in this task.


Rather than remove and replace kitchen cabinets that are structurally sound, consider a small kitchen remodel to change the look of existing cabinets that are tired or dated. If the surface of the cabinet doors can accept paint, apply an appropriate color to change the design. There are also paint kits available on the market that will enable you to add a wood effect design to a plain base.

Alternatively, new doors can be purchased separately from a set of cabinets so that these can replace older fronts to create a different look to your kitchen.  


In the process of a small kitchen remodel, you should consider the tiles or sink backsplash that exist in your kitchen. These can take up a significant amount of surface space and can change the look of the room if replaced with a more modern equivalent.

In addition, the existing decoration to the walls can be renewed in order to update the look of your kitchen. Avoid unusual or loud colors for the sake of more neutral tones to keep your kitchen looking fresh.


If you are reluctant to undertake a significant amount of work, consider the minor decorative aspects of your kitchen and whether they would benefit from an upgrade. There are many different types of window covering, lampshades and floorings on the market that can help you change the design of your kitchen without having to undertake a large amount of work.    


Changing flooring as part of a small kitchen remodel can not only make it more comfortable to use the kitchen but will also reduce the risk of accidents from breakages. For example, natural stone flooring can be a great addition to a kitchen with a country cottage theme but it can be cold and unyielding. Vinyl flooring is more likely to retain warmth and provides a certain amount of cushioning if items are accidentally dropped.


Replacing the existing appliances with new ones can be very effective in improving the look of your kitchen. Following a theme, such as a stainless steel finish, can amend the look of the kitchen as well as bringing a look together. Many manufacturers produce a range of appliances which will enable you to obtain matching items. Upgrading large appliances such as a dishwasher and washing machine will also enable you to obtain more efficient and eco-friendly alternatives which can help you save money.


Any work surface that is used on a regular basis is at risk of suffering from scratches and dents and may warrant resurfacing work to be undertaken as part of a small kitchen remodel. You will be surprised at the difference that can be made from a renewed countertop surface. Undertake the work required to rectify any defects before re-applying the appropriate sealant.