Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Small kitchen remodeling ideas do not have to be expensive and elaborate. Even minor changes can make your small kitchen look fresher and more spacious. You can apply different kitchen remodeling suggestions one at a time to give you more flexibility in terms of money and time. Here are some innovative remodeling ideas for your kitchen.

Wall Color and Decorating Materials

Changing the color motif of your kitchen can help make the room look more expansive. Repaint your dark-colored walls with light colors, such as yellow and off-white. This will make your kitchen look and feel roomy even if the area is actually small. Big and dark-colored decorating materials should not be used because they can overwhelm the kitchen and will make the room smaller.

Tile Size and Colors

Big tiles on the floor and walls can bring attention to your cramped kitchen space. One of the small kitchen remodeling ideas that will surely make the room look and feel bigger is using tiny mosaic tiles, which will give the illusion that the walls are pushed back. To achieve your goal of making your kitchen look fresher, you should also stick to light colored tiles.

Cabinets and Storage

For a small kitchen, fitted cabinets are ideal because they occupy less space. If you need more storage space, you can buy boxes and freestanding cabinets or drawers that you can move to other areas in your home depending on your needs. You can also use simple cabinets as accents in your kitchen. Experiment with bold colors to make the cabinets pop out.

Furniture and Appliances

Altering the position of your furniture and appliances is also one of the most effective and inexpensive small kitchen remodeling ideas. Make sure that the arrangement of the appliances and furniture does not restrict your movement in the kitchen. Some of the things that you should consider when rearranging your kitchen fixtures include having ample area for food preparation and cooking and putting the fridge in proper position.

Remember not to put the refrigerator near the cooking area because the heat from the stove or oven can bring down the performance of your fridge. The best position for the refrigerator is near the entrance of the kitchen. This makes it easily accessible to other members of the household even if you are cooking or preparing food inside your small kitchen.

Using Striking Shapes and Attractive Materials

One of the small kitchen remodeling ideas that can help maximize the space is by using various shapes and interesting materials as your counters and tables. You can fit in a triangular bar in one corner or opt for a circular island table in your kitchen. You can also use furniture materials in order to help make the small area look bigger. By using glass tables and see-through chairs, an illusion of a bigger space can be achieved in your kitchen.

Windows and Doors

Removing the door or widening windows can also make your kitchen look bigger and more spacious. Also, always choose light colored curtains for your windows.

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