Small Upgrades for Vacation Rental Homes With Big Payoff

If your vacation rental home is struggling to attract guests, then it might be time for an upgrade. While many rental homeowners hesitate to invest money into their property, there are plenty of small upgrades that will increase booking rates without breaking your budget. Here are 10 upgrades for your vacation rental home with big payoff.

1. Color

Color is an easy way to spruce up a space and make it more attractive to potential guests. Not only is repainting a relatively inexpensive improvement, but it will also help your property stand out from the rest. Just remember to use colors that photograph well. This will help the property appear attractive when you list it in online advertisements.

2. Flat Screen TVs

A flat screen TV mounted on the wall and surrounded by home decor.

A flat screen TV in every room can up the entertainment value of your rental and is a common suggestion from guests. But don’t just place a TV wherever there’s an open space. Either mount them on walls or inside an entertainment center that blends in with the surrounding decor.

3. Home Security

A good home security system can keep you and your guests feeling at ease. This is especially important if your home is located in an area of dense population or out in the country. Many security systems also feature great safety options, so make sure you shop around to get the most bang for your buck.

4. Bedding

A bedroom with white linens.

It’s amazing what a new blanket and accent pillows can do to a space. You should replace the bedding every couple of years or if it gets worn or outdated. This includes bed skirts, comforters, and pillows. While you're at it, consider adding some new decorative pillows to create a bright or relaxing accent. Replacing the bedding will make your photos more attractive and give your home an edge over the competition.

5. Amenities

Creating a comfortable experience for your guests is all about amenities. Guests often look for things like crock-pots, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards, blenders, waffle makers, and board games. Anything that makes your guests feel at home and cuts down on their packing list will be a major appeal.

6. Curb Appeal

A mediteranean-style house with a brown front door and plants.

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. If your home features dull or outdated colors on the exterior or dirty siding, then it’s not going to attract customers. Repaint if the colors are fading or chipped. You can also install a flower bed to add dynamic colors to your front lawn. Of course, keeping the landscaping nice and trim is also a must.

7. Sofas

Instead of spending money on secondhand furniture, consider purchasing a durable sleeper sofa for your rental. This will increase the number of beds in your home and is attractive to families and large groups. Also, consider buying an industrial strength mattress that will stand the test of time.

8. Internet

A couple sitting on the couch looking at a laptop.

Guests have come to expect Wi-Fi wherever they go, and that includes your vacation rental home. Of course, this might not be an option depending on where you live, but you should have internet access if it’s available. Further, make sure you invest in a good internet router to avoid maintenance issues down the road.

9. Home Automation

Adding home automation to your rental can save you money in the long run and is a great selling point. This includes adding motion-activated faucets to the kitchen, which will save you on the water bill, and a smart thermostat, which makes it easy for guests to adjust room temperatures while saving you from a large utility bill.

10. Kitchen Improvements

A bright white kitchen with accents of blue.

Kitchens are a huge consideration when guests are mulling over potential vacation rental homes. Fortunately, you don’t have to undergo a major kitchen renovation to attract guests. Making small improvements, such as replacing old colors or chipped cabinet doors, can have big payoffs. Also, take a look at the lighting in your kitchen and consider adding under-cabinet lighting if the space is poorly lit.