Snapdragons: Variety Guide

Snapdragons come in many different varieties. Here is a guide to the most common varieties:

Tall Snapdragons

  • Axion Snapdragons: These snapdragons can grow up to 1 meter tall. They have long spikes and come in seven different colors.
  • Rocket Snapdragons: This variety of snapdragon comes in eight colors. They can grow up to 90 cm in height.  
  • Bright Butterflies: These snapdragons are mixed and not quite as tall as the previous snapdragon varieties. They are stocky and can grow up to 75 cm in height. This plant has opened faced flowers and comes in eight different colors.  
  • Madame Butterfly Snapdragons: This variety contains mixed double flowers that resemble azaleas. The plants grow up to 75 cm tall and are available in eight colors.
  • Double Supreme Snapdragons: This variety grows between 60 and 90 cm tall. The flowers are delicate and ruffled, and come in a wide range of different colors.  

Intermediate Snapdragons

Intermediate snapdragons grow between 45 and 50 cm tall.  

  • Liberty Series: These snapdragons bloom early and grow more traditional-looking flowers.
  • Sonnet Snapdragons: These snapdragons also bloom early, and are highly tolerant of wet conditions. They come in seven different colors, and make a great addition to any garden. The "Black Prince" snapdragon in particular has very dark purple leaves and deep red flowers.  

Dwarf Snapdragons

Dwarf snapdragons are shorter than the other varieties, and include Floral Showers, Floral Carpet, Royal Carpet, Magic Carpet, and "Tom Thumb" snapdragons. These little plants grow only 15 to 20 cm tall, making them perfect for small containers. Dwarf varieties of snapdragons are also available in many different colors.  

Tahiti snapdragons are the tallest of the dwarf snapdragons. They grow up to 20 cm tall and are resistant to rust. The flowers come in four colors, including some bi-colored combinations.

Trailing Snapdragons

  • Chandelier: These snapdragons are perfect for hanging baskets. Growing 25 to 45 cm long, the flowers come in pink, lilac, and yellow.
  • Lampion: This variety grows 15 cm long, and makes a good addition to rock gardens. It comes in six different colors.  
  • Luminaire: These trailing snapdragons grow quite large, up to 30 cm long. This variety is tolerant to heat and can be placed in sun or partial shade.  

If you are considering growing snapdragons in your flower garden, there are so many varieties from which to choose that making a final decision can be a daunting task. Consult gardening books to get an idea how to grow snapdragons in your garden and match them with the other flowers and plants you plan on growing alongside the snapdragons.  

Your purchase decision will also be dependant on the amount of sun your backyard receives and the colors you prefer to have in your flower garden. Most snapdragons prefer shade and cooler temperatures. However, there are some that can take a lot of sun.