Snow Day Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

Everybody wants snow on Christmas. In theory, that makes everything outside look like the perfect holiday card. In reality, you have to contend with shoveling the sidewalks. It's worse if you have to go out in icy conditions. Beyond Christmas, a snow day still has that momentary effect of "Cool!" quickly followed with "Now what?" If the kids are home and you can't make it into work, then it's time to embrace this snow day as a mini-vacation. Let's assume you'll do all the prerequisite sledding and snow sculpture building. After that outdoor fun, you might want to consider these ideas for the whole family to enjoy their snow day.

Pajama Picnic Party

If you're staying indoors, then there is no reason why you shouldn't stay in your pajamas. For lunch, you can have a picnic on the living room floor. Bonus points if you can get a fire going in the fireplace. All you need to do is spread out a blanket and bring over the sandwiches, chips, and drinks.

Board Games Marathon

Time to bust out the board games for a marathon afternoon of play. If you want to kick up the board games a notch, set up several games on the dining room table and play them all at once by rotating around the table to take turns. At the end, crown a Snow Day Board Game Champion.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Today, everybody has a video camera, even if it's the one in your phone. A snow day is the perfect time to make a movie. There are plenty of editing apps that can turn your raw footage into a masterpiece. As for the subject matter, you could recreate scenes from your favorite movie using handmade costumes and props. Perhaps there's a favorite family song you can lip-sync to. For more inspiration, look up "Call Me Maybe" or "Harlem Shake" on YouTube. Plenty to "borrow."

Binge Viewing

If you've got hours to wait until the snow is cleared then it's a wonderful opportunity for binge viewing. Why not pop in the entire "Star Wars" saga or the "Lord of the Rings" or "Batman" trilogies? You'll looking at least six plus hours per trilogy. Add in popcorn and hot cocoa breaks and it's the perfect way to spend the day.

Cookie/Comfort Food Time

Baking cookies shouldn't be strictly for the holidays. A snow day is a good chance to fill up those cookie jars with fresh baked treats. This is an activity that the entire family can be a part of while that board game marathon is going on. A snow day is also the perfect recipe for comfort foods like gooey grilled cheese and tomato soup. A little scrounging in the fridge will find plenty of added goodies for the grilled cheese. Pretty much anything works on a grilled cheese!

What are some of your snow day activities? If you've got some shots of snow sculptures, we'd love to see them! Stay warm!