Sofa Bed Sofa Bed

The sofa bed, which is also known as the sleeper bed, is a sofa, couch or love seat that changes into a bed for sleeping. The most commonly used sofa bed is the type that has a collapsible mattress and spring mechanism under the cushions. The mattress and spring bed will pull out, to make an extra bed for guests or unexpected visitors.

Types of Sofa Bed

Futons are another a kind of sofa bed, one that became popular with college students. The simplicity of the futon bed is a nice feature. As a sofa bed, the futon is a couch when needs to be, and it pulls out flat to create a platform bed.
Another type of sofa bed similar to this is the convertible sofa. Like a futon, the convertible sofa bed merely pulls flat and makes a platform bed out of the cushions.

Sofa beds come in the same sizes as beds do. That is, you will buy a king sleeper sofa bed, a queen sleeper sofa bed, a twin sofa bed, and so on.


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