Sofa Table Sofa Table

A sofa table is a rectangular table that is usually used in the living room to create an accent or to hold some decorative objects, such as vases, books, candy dishes. A sofa table has no real practical function, except to hold decorations and create a point of interest in a room. The sofa table in a living room will usually be of a finished style that is it will be made of finished wood or high quality material.

Dividing a Room With a Sofa Table

Sometimes, a living room needs to be divided to set it off form an adjoining hallway, for instance. A sofa table, set in a line with the hallway, will differentiate the two rooms.

Another unique way to do a similar thing in room design, is to put the back of a sofa facing out of the room. Then, if you put a sofa table at the back of the sofa itself, it creates the illusion of being attached to the back of the sofa. This is a most pleasing effect, since decorations, vases and such, can be put on the sofa table.

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