Softwood Softwood

Softwood trees are considered to be any trees that have cones. Most people recognize them as pine trees, but there are several types. All softwood trees, however, leave behind a very sticky sap that can be very difficult to get out of clothing and off skin. You can use turpentine or paint thinner, but there is another option.

• Pour baking soda and baby oil into the palm of your hand. Baby oil can be picked up at almost any convenience store.
• Mix it together until it makes a paste and scrub it over the sticky parts of your hands and arms.
• Rinse your hands and wash them with regular soap to get rid of the oil left behind.

Avoiding Sap From Softwood Trees

Next time, remember to wear a pair of gloves before handling a softwood tree. To keep the sap off of the rest of your body, wear pants and a long sleeve shirt. When these get sap on them you can use the same application as above before throwing them into the wash. Keep sap out of your hair by tying it up and wearing a hat. Sap from softwood trees is much easier to wash out before it has dried on hard.

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