Soil Solutions- Adding Boron For Boron Deficiencies

Boron has a surprising effect on soil fertility in most areas, especially considering how little of it you’ll find in the soil.  That being said, a boron deficiency can sap crops of their nutrients, making each generation grown progressively less harvestable in the long run.  You can correct boron deficiencies in multiple ways, depending on how deficient the soil is.

Seaweed Fertilizer

If the soil you are using contains some boron, but not enough to act as effective plant soil, you might be able to use seaweed fertilizer in order to supply the rest of the boron you need.  Seaweed fertilizer will often contain trace amounts of boron, among other things.

Sodium Borate

If your soil needs a large boron injection in order to get back to its former glory, sodium borate is highly recommended.  It contains around 20% boron, and while it used to be available as solid fertilizer you dissolved into the soil with water, nowadays you can find it as a liquid.  Simly spray it into your soil.