Soil Solutions- Adding Copper For Copper Deficiencies Soil Solutions- Adding Copper For Copper Deficiencies

A copper deficiency in the soil is something that you are not going to notice right away.  However, copper is critical in the production of chlorophyll, arguably the most important compound that a plant creates.  Without adequate copper, over time your plant yields and quality will begin to diminish.

Copper Treatments

The good news is that treating a copper deficiency is a relatively easy thing to do.  Generally, copper deficiencies in the soil are addressed through the use of a compound known as copper sulphate.  Itt is also possible to use a copper chelate compound to treat the soil.

These types of compounds are available in many ways.  You can use a spray on the soil, or tablets and fertilizers that quickly dissolve when sprayed with water.  Soil sprays tend to be the easiest to use, but if you can get cheap metallic copper chelate compounds and have a garden hose, rake, and shovel handy, you can try the latter method instead.

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