Soil Solutions- Calcium Deficiency Easy Fix Guide

Calcium deficiency can completely wipe out crops if it is systemic at the soil level.  Fortunately, calcium deficiency is also one of the easiest problems to fix.  A simple soil test will determine how deficient the soil is, and from that point you can create treatments accordingly.


Lime is the easiest compound to use in treating a calcium deficiency because it contains about 40% calcium by weight.  That being said, it is slow acting and does not have as good an effect if the pH of your soil is basic.


Gypsum is another compound that contains a lot of calcium.  Even though its calcium content is only 23% by weight, it has a similar number of calcium atoms as lime.  Gypsum is the ideal solution for basic soils, as well as soils that have high salinity.

Bone Meal

If you have a serious calcium deficiency problem and need to quickly inject a high level into your soil, bone meal is the way to go.  It has one of the highest calcium contents of anything available in the gardening industry and it is universally suited to all soil types.