Soil Solutions- Correcting Manganese Deficiencies

Soil that is low in manganese can be treated reliably with limestone. Add it into the soil in small, 10 foot by 10 foot areas, and turn the soil well after application. In addition to the manganese, dolomitic limestone is also a good way to reduce soil acidity, and helps add bulk to light, loamy soils. You can also treat a compost heap and then distribute the compost to treat the soil for a manganese deficiency.

Garden Soil

Dolomitic limestone is the preferred source of manganese for your garden. It is 100% organic, and adds many things to the soil which plants need. It helps keep the soil pH within the range of acidity most plants require. A majority of plants grow better when the soil acidity is between 6.0 and 6.8. It is important that the soil is well mixed, or your treatment will have little, if any, effect.

Compost Soil

To treat compost soil, add 1/4 cup of manganese sulfate or 1 cup of dolomitic limestone for each square yard of compost and mix it well. Avoid over drying the compost by adding 1/8 cup of water to each cup of limestone. Adding the sulfate directly shouldn't have a noticeable moisture reduction.