Soil Solutions- Sulfur Deficiency Correction With Gypsum

Soil conditioning is done by adding fertilizer and other ingredients. For example, if your soil is deficient in Sulfur it can be treated with Gypsum, reducing the soil acidity and increasing the sulfur content.

Gypsum Adds Sulfur

Fertile soil contains many different minerals, including Sulfur. The problem is, many plants remove Sulfur from the soil and it eventually becomes depleted. Adding organic Gypsum restores the Sulfur content and adds bulk to the soil, allowing it to retain moisture.

Gypsum Enhances Soil Texture

Maintaining bacteria levels is the secret to soil fertility. Adding Gypsum to the soil promotes the growth of underground fungi, and encourages the soil to teem with life of all kinds. Gypsum adds texture, or density, which in turns adds to the soil's ability to support bushes or large above ground growths.

Gypsum Versus Lime

Many people are aware of the uses of lime in reducing soil acidity, but don't realize that gypsum can do the same job while providing minerals that aren't available from ordinary lime. In general, if you are only conditioning the soil to reduce acidity, lime is great, however if you are trying to rejuvenate or condition soil, use Gypsum, as it has more to offer.