Solar Electrical Panel Installation Solar Electrical Panel Installation

If you’re fed up with the high price of traditional energy sources, you might want to use solar electrical panels in your home. Installing solar electrical panels is much easier than you might think, and they’ll save you money and you’ll be helping the environment.

How Solar Lights Work

Solar panels work by converting the sun’s rays into energy that can be used to power electrical appliances. Solar panels will spend the day absorbing sun energy and storing that energy, until you chose to power your appliances or lights.

Are Solar Panels Compatible with Your Roof

You can install solar panels on almost any type of roof. You can have them installed with an upwards tilt or you can have them installed flush with the roof.

It’s most ideal to install these solar panels while your home is being roofed, but it can be done even if you don’t need to re-roof your home, though it’s not often recommended. Installing panels while you're roofing can prevent any leaks in your roof. It also makes finding your rafters much easier (solar panels will need to be attached to your rafters).

Keep in mind the type of shingles you have. The average, composition, shingles are best to work with. Tile roofs can be extremely slippery and too delicate to competently work around. Tiles can cause you to slip or can even break while you are moving around on the roof.

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