Solar Hot Water For Camping- Bathing Solar Hot Water For Camping- Bathing

When camping, it is possible to bathe by using a solar hot water panel attached to a shower bag. Whether you are at a campsite with shower facilities and you simply want to conserve energy or you out in the wilderness with no available showers, solar hot water while camping is an easy way to get a quick, warm shower.

Solar Hot Water Bags

By attaching a thin solar panel to an insulated bag, water can be heated by the sun. Solar hot water bags for camping come with a hanger and a nozzle. This is how they work: in the morning, fill up the bag with potable water. Set it out all day in the full sun with the solar panel facing the sun. By the late afternoon, the water in the bag will be hot. Because the bag is insulated, little heat loss will occur. Hang the bag somewhere above your head and let the nozzle down. You will have a warm, albeit quick shower. You can repeat the process the next day, enabling you to take a warm shower every day you camp.

Solar hot water bags provide sun-heated water for quick, warm showers. Without having to use the shower facilities, you can camp sustainably by using a solar hot water shower bag.

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